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  • What Is a Wellness Coach & Why Should You Work With One?

    What Is a Wellness Coach & Why Should You Work With One?
    Wellness coaches collaborate with their clients to help them strive for a variety of goals. Goals like reducing inflammation, managing a chronic illness, improving fitness, or improving diet are all fair game. One of the defining aspects of health coaching is that the goals are entirely client driven, as is the type of support the health coach supplies.
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  • Caring for Yourself During Holidays & Busy Times

    Caring for Yourself During Holidays & Busy Times
    During the holiday season or busy periods, a kaleidoscope of wellbeing comes into play. For many people this means time off work, time with family, lots of relaxing and celebrating, and plenty of indulging. In the face of all the holidays have to offer, how can you empower your wellbeing and maintain integrity with your body and mind? We’ve got a few simple strategies for you!
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