My Story


“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light” - Hafez

My journey to becoming a wellness coach consists of many diverse experiences; little moments over decades that led me to the realization that I was destined to help people attain their optimal wellness.

Being in Corporate America for over 20 years taught me how to listen, have humility, and accept the help of others. I learned the importance of integrity and being committed to a common goal. I know what it’s like to put work before health and to take care of others before yourself.

I attended a seven-day cleanse in Palm Springs that ignited my desire to learn more about health, fitness, and well-being. Following the cleanse, I spontaneously signed up to run a full marathon, despite the fact that I had never run before nor did I even own a pair of running shoes! I was fortunate enough to have an award-winning athlete as my coach who taught me about food and the importance it had on performance, energy, and endurance. My coach also taught me how crucial it was to have an accountability partner; someone who guided me through the pitfalls, celebrated my victories, and shared insights from past experiences. Because of him, I finished four marathons and a 120-mile TransRockie run.

During that time, I found myself gravitating to articles about eating healthy. I started purchasing books on nutrition, health, and vitality. This was the beginning of my wellness journey and quest to help others.

I enrolled in IIN Integrative Nutrition, a Health Coach Training Program which focused on “primary food” defined as more than what is on your plate. Healthy relationships, physical activity, a fulfilling career, and spiritual practice can also attribute to health and wellness. I received my Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner card in November 2011 and began working with family and friends to help them attain their optimal wellness.

Building upon the belief that there is more to wellness than food, I completed a Yoga Training Program in 2016.  This was a transformative experience where I learned to shed layers of grief, shame, and sorrow and obtain more joy and love. From there I completed the Gut Thrive in 5 Practitioner Training Program facilitated by Christa Orecchio, Nicole Dube, and Dr. Jack Tipps. I gained an extensive knowledge base to begin offering clients meal plans, supplements, and coaching sessions to meet them where they are, without judgment.

All of my past experiences, both professional and personal, have brought me to where I am today. I am committed to listening, learning, and supporting you to become the best version of yourself.



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